Christine Falls Triptych

christine falls
Christine Falls Triptych
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   When I originally made these series of photographs in Mount Rainier National Park I had intended to stitch them into a vertical panorama. I have tried a few of these before but find that displaying them on the web is not easy. You also need to pick very special subject matter to make them interesting – in my opinion even more so than a horizontal, more traditional panorama. While stitching this vertical together last night I decided it really didn’t work for me – so I thought of making 3 of the images I shot into a triptych. I haven’t done this before, but I think it works well with these 3 images.

   Apparently this sort of thing is popular enough for a few people to have recently asked me if I ever do this with images – which is what gave me this idea in the first place. Do you think I was successful with this attempt? Do you ever shoot images specifically for this sort of presentation?

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4 Responses to “Christine Falls Triptych”

  1. Gorgeous! I think it works very well; probably better than the vertical panoramas. It captures all the parts of a waterfall in one elegant piece, and lets your eye compare and contrast what happens in the different places. This presentation also lets your imagination assemble the images together, into as big and glorious a waterfall as you might want 🙂

  2. WoW, this is a really nice composition of flowing water! I’d love to get that as a poster/wallpaper for my room!

  3. A brilliant set of examples for slow shutter speed photography. Good work.

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